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Sirindhorn Museum Dinosaur and Human History

Origin Dinosaurs

When Dinosaurs Conquered the World

The Reign of Dinosaurs

Coelacanth Axelrodichthys araripensis
Locality Brazil

Cervical vertebra of Siamosaurus suteethrni
Locality Ban Samran, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

Teeth of Siamosaurus suteethorni
Locality Phu Kum Khao, Kalasin Province, Thailand

Dorsal vertebra of Siamosaurus suteethorni
Locality Ban Samran, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago - present

Homo neanderthalensis 600,000 - 30,000 years ago

Homo erectus 1.8 million - 200,000 years ago

Australopithecus africanus 3 - 2.3 million years ago

Sahelanthropus tchadensis 7 - 6 million years ago

Higher Primates (Anthropoids)

Australopithecus afarensis "Lucy"
Dated to 3.18 million years ago

Discovered in the Afar Desert of Ethipia in 1974, this first Australopithecus afarensis skeleton ever found was nicknamed "Lucy" after the Beatles'song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
Finds comprise bone fragments that make up about 40 percent of the total skeleton showing that she was about 1.1 m tall. Erupted wisdom teeth (third molars) in the jaw place her age at early twenties at the time of death. The shape of the hip bone indicates that she was female and could walk upright, which proves that human ancestors were bipedal long before they knew how to make stone tools.

Acheulean stone tools, Mousterian Stone Tools

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