Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur excavation site (Kalasin Province)

Phu Kum Khao
has the most interesting excavation site of dinosaur fossils in Thailand. 
Numerous fossils were found in rock layers.
The Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Museum, near Sakkawan Temple, 
Sahatsakhan county in Kalasin province (519 km Northeast of Bangkok).

Dinosaur Garden in Kalasin Thailand

Map of Fossil in Thailand

In The Phu Kum Khao MUSEUM

Dinosaur Bones in the Excavation Site
Cabinet Component Dinosaur
Lepidotes Buddhabutrensis n.sp. , ancient age fish is dinosaur ,
new kind is worldly , meet in Thailand

These fish fossils were described to be a new species of the late Jurassic, early Cretaceous, the Phu Kradueng Formation. This is because this fish had dorsal ridge scales and more than one suborbital present on the cheeks. These characteristics have not been found in any other fish fossils.

Lepidotes scales


Slamosaurus suteethornl tooth in sandstone bed of the Sao Khua Formation

Bishop tail bone, Dinosaur Sirindhornae

The bone is BIG.

Shark teeth , Lepidotes teeth , Crocodile teeth, Blvalve, Turtle plates, Fish Coprelltes

Metatarsal and Phalanges of Phuwiangosaures sirindhornae

Hole Delve

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